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Helping you picture your own artistic journey...
@ the studio

The charming and thoughtfully restored walls of my studio can definitely get you in the mood to create and get fully inspired!  Want to learn how to paint with a new medium?  Perhaps you've been curious to know how to sculpt with clay or cement?  My seminars are tailored to your needs and interests...and they're so much fun!

September seminars:

Sculpting seminars are now open for subscriptions at Perdomo artworks!  Join in to learning something new with tons of fun, meet new artistic friends, and make your very own can brag about it to friends and family!!!  Are you ready for a fun autumn?  Join us now!

Painting outdoors:

Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing!  It is therefore much more rewarding to capture that special moment on our planet, not with a photograph, but with our brushes...

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