Perdomo artworks grew out of necessity to display and promote Ticinese art, Ticinese landscapes, and Ticinese culture.


After a long absence of 3 years, wondering around the world, I am back in Ticino in the city of Lugano!  This summer, August 2020, I venture myself, along with the amazing Terra Vecchia Foundation, on a project that allows our youth to create their own paintings of Ticino, hence create their own artistic journey!   

I am so happy to be back in Ticino!  If you're in Centovalli, please come and visit me at Terra Vecchia - I look forward to seeing you again!!

Painting outside by Carmen Perdomo.jpg

Art that grows from the urge to stop for a "second look" while one is out and about a hike or a walk, is art that touches the heart of people who love and enjoy the mountains and the landscapes of Ticino.  Art made Ticino.  Art inspired on the spot!     


My special spot.  A very unique spot that took a while to find, but when I found it, I knew I wanted to be part of its journey!  The Foundation Terra Vecchia has dedicated years and capital on restoring the entire village that once was abandoned.  This is a place filled with history, tranquility, and most of all:  love to keep the Ticinese culture alive through each stone.