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Perdomo artworks grew out of necessity to display and promote Ticinese art, Ticinese landscapes, and Ticinese culture. After a long absence, wondering around the world, I am back in Ticino, at Casa Gialla, Russo!  Explore, paint, sculpt, meet people interested in the arts in one of the most beautiful spots in the Canton Ticino:  the Onsernone.  ​There are many things this valley offers, asides from nice long hikes and beautiful views of the Alps and lake Maggiore.  It is a place that has housed many great artists.​Perdomo Artworks in located in a tranquil and beautiful village in the Onsernone, Russo.  The homely studio is pleasant and comfortable.  Every lesson is an adventure:  they are fun, rewarding, and inspiring!  Sometimes we'll make trips to the forest, neighboring towns, and surrounding areas to keep us busy painting amazing watercolor postcards, or perhaps more complicated acrylic or oil paintings that describe all the places we've been and the things we've seen!  Our paintings and sculptures are not only filled with colors and clay but with lots of nice memories!​Do you feel like sharpening up your pencils to paint and explore one of the most beautiful valleys of Ticino?  It's not just sketches, but memories, and adventures on paper... ​​

 Painting Outdoors

Art that grows from the urge to stop for a "second look" while one is out and about a hike or a walk, is art that touches the heart of people who love and enjoy the mountains and the landscapes of Ticino.  Art made in Ticino.  Art inspired on the spot!     

@ Perdomo Artworks

My special spot.  A very unique spot that took a while to find, but when I found it, I knew these old walls will speak of wonderful memories and creations made by visitors to my studio and Val Onsernone in general.  

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