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Cooked clay doesn't have to produce boring, static work.  Clay in itself, is a versatile material:  it comes in different colors and textures, and can be combined with other materials, like wood, canvas, glass, or metal.


Sculpting has been part of my life since I was very little.  Making faces, fingers, and feet is what I enjoy the most when sculpting human figures.  I "cook from scratch."  I do not use molds of any sort. 


I am inclined to capture moments of hapiness.


I place my sculptures in front or above materials such as canvas and glass.  This is turn, tricks the mind into seeing a whole image, where the background is also part of the sculpture.






There is one unique story in each of my paintings.  That is because each one has been inspired either by a real place, or a real being.


The funniest, yet scariest of all my sketching stories combined, and one I do not fail to share with visitors, is the making of "The cow."  The beautiful beast that attacked me with her horns the day I set out to find her.


Yet my paintings are not only interesting for what they represent but for what the viewer perceives to be seeing.  This freedom of imagination, along with discovering the actual object, gives a sense of happiness, pleasure, and amusement.  Even more fascinating is the realization that beauty can be found even in distorted images.











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