Summer ART camp:

Perdomo artworks and Terra Vecchia Foundation, are both pleased to welcome you!  Explore and paint one of the most beautiful spots in the Canton Ticino:  Centovalli.  

Terra Vecchia is a picturesque, historically rich, and lovingly restored Ticinese village, with hectares of pasture, forest, and access to a creek where kids can cool off the summer heat and at the same time, play safely.  The village is accessible by foot (from Rasa, via cable car).  Our rustici have nicely decorated and ventilated bedrooms, large sitting areas with fireplaces, well-equipped kitchens, dining areas, outdoor wood-fire oven, and lots of outdoor areas where your kid can relax, play, paint, and interact with new friends, all in a safe environment.

Our adventures start each day with a healthy and abundant breakfast.  Breakfast is then followed by an outdoor painting lesson.  Our trips to the forest, neighboring towns, and surrounding areas will keep us busy painting amazing watercolor postcards, that we can post to mom and dad, describing all the places we've been and the things we've seen!  We'll have lunch out in the open!  Our afternoons and evenings will be filled with games, outdoor activities, movies, disco dancing, and camp fire adventures.

Do you feel like sharpening up your pencils to paint and explore one of the most beautiful valleys of Ticino?  It's not just sketches, but watercolor memories, and adventures on paper...

Extra details:

When:    15th to 22nd August, 2020

Where:  Terra Vecchia, Centovalli

Age:       12 to 15 years old

Cost:      500 CHF- /week

               Includes food, lodge, art materials, and art lessons.


Use my contact form for more details or to sign up....see you there!!